Fake Twitter Profiles Discovered Impersonating 6 Different Crypto Accounts

Fake Twitter Profiles Discovered Impersonating 6 Different Crypto Accounts

Several Fake Twitter accounts have been discovered operating as fake clones of genuine cryptocurrency accounts aimed at duping users. The fraudulent accounts are known as the “blue checkmark” is now infecting crypto community on Twitter.

According to the Next Web, freelance film producer, and director Seif Elsbei’s verified Twitter account (@seifsbei), which has Twitter’s blue checkmark and over 83,000 followers, was a disguised of the official account of the Verge developers.

Verge’s real account, @vergecurrency, which does not have the verified checkmark, which the hacker behind @seifsbei perhaps saw as an opportunity. Twitter allows verified users to change the display name of their accounts without risking their verified status, so @seifsbei adopted the display name vergecurreǹcy. They then proceeded to retweet messages from the actual verge account in a fraudulent move.

The cryptocurrency became popular on Tuesday after Pornhub announced that it would begin accepting it as a payment method. This is yet another example of the “blue badge” scam previously reported by The Verge. It appears Twitter is finding it difficult to put an end to this fraudulent cryptocurrency fake twitter accounts. The account’s controller has previously disguised as ethereum’s founder Vitalik Buterin.

In Marge 2019, Verge Twitter account suffered a cyber-attack and the hackers scammed some of its followers out of their XVG. It also suffered another 51% attack two weeks ago in which more than 250,000 Verge coins were stolen.

Cypto-Twitter has been in the limelight in recent times, Earlier in April 2016, Entrepreneur and investor, Nick Tomaino was caught up in the middle of a war on crypto Twitter. It all started with @bitcoin account forwarding a controversial message to over 800,000 followers. The message was a promotional message about an alternative cryptocurrency. Although the message sparked a tweet war, it was no surprise because the account’s ownership had changed since a split last year.



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