Ripple Price Prediction: Analyst of Cryptocurrency Market Predicts That Ripple Price Is About To Skyrocket (Ripple News Today)

ripple price

The price of Ripple could experience a drastic increase after an analyst in the cryptocurrency market predicted that the value of Ripple with skyrocket as a result of a positive week for XRP. A chief market analyst known as Naeem Aslam who works with ThinkMarkets (an online broker) in the United Kingdom predicted that the value of Ripple is set to skyrocket as the cryptocurrency market at large gains more positivity and confidence.

Based on what he said, as the positivity and confidence of the general cryptocurrency market increases, the valuation of Ripple will grow simultaneously with the overall growth and value of the crypto market.

The Value of Ripple

Presently, Ripple trades for about $0.86, but its all-time high is about $3.30, which is potentially a growth of about 5.44 times. On the other hand, bitcoin only has about 1.1 to 1.5 times, comparing the all-time highs of bitcoin and its present value.

Ripple Price Has Soared

The analyst Naeem Aslam, made this prediction when the XRP was experiencing a positive trading period. The value of Ripple has greatly increased in the last couple of days – as reported by Coindesk. On the 15th of April, the trading value of XRP was $0.64, but the price has further increased to $0.86 (which is the current price at the time of writing).
Since the tax deadline was passed in the United States on the 17th of April, XRP has been experiencing positive results. Back in August 2017, the trading value of Ripple was very low, and it started trading at $0.17. During its period in the crypto market, Ripple has experienced some troughs and peaks.
In January this year, the cryptocurrency got to an all-time high of $3.09. After Ripple attained such a high value, the cryptocurrency hasn’t been able to maintain its momentum. However, there is a restoration of hope, and the cryptocurrency is set to skyrocket.

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