What Is The Current Price Of Bitcoin? Is It Going Up? How High Can Bitcoin Go? (Bitcoin News Today)

bitcoin price rocket

The price of Bitcoin went above the $9000 mark again as the crypto market keeps going higher. The value of Bitcoin keeps getting closer to its highs in 2017, but what is the current value of BTC, and will it keep going higher?

The Current Price of Bitcoin

The crypto market is currently experiencing a huge and successful turnout, as the value of bitcoin keeps going higher. The value of Bitcoin soared above 9,000 USD yesterday (April 24), this made it increase by another 4.11%. As of 8 am on Tuesday morning, the trading value of bitcoin was at 9,268 USD.

The value of other cryptocurrencies in the market also increased yesterday. The trading price of Ethereum was at 680 USD, and Ripple was selling at 0.92 USD. Litecoin also experienced an 8% increase and sold at 160 USD, and the trading price of Bitcoin Cash was at 1,538 USD.

The Value of Bitcoin Increasing?

BTC is back on track and it’s currently on the rise after the little ups and downs it experienced earlier this year. Irrespective of the poor start it experienced earlier this year (where it lost 50% of its market value), BTC is presently on a bull run, with a 27% increase at the beginning of April.

While threats of regulations linger in the crypto market, BTC continues to flourish. There was a great cause for concern in the crypto market in mid-April when there was a threat to sell off cryptocurrencies to settle tax liabilities in America, but Bitcoin survived. The price of bitcoin skyrocketed above 8,000 USD, and it has been on the increase since then.

Bitcoin is not affected by the current issues with regulations, and analysts predict a further increase in the value of bitcoin. The price of bitcoin has shown significant resilience on several occasions this year, even when the value dropped below 7,000 USD, it bounced back, and now it is on the rise.

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