xChain2 Conference Houston: Blockchain for Supply Chain and Logistics Forum To Be Held In Energy Capital Of The World

xchain2 conference houston blockchain for supply chain logistics

xChain2: Blockchain for Supply Chain and Logistics Forum: On May 21-22, 2018, Houston, Texas will host the top brass in Supply Chain, Logistics and Blockchain in a very timely and strategic conference at the xChain2: Blockchain for Supply Chain and Logistics Forum. 

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]“The xChain2: Blockchain for Supply Chain and Logistics Forum is a two-day event to promote education, collaboration, innovation, and research among technologists, stakeholders, solution providers, start-ups, and business leaders.”[/perfectpullquote]

xChain2: Blockchain for Supply Chain and Logistics Forum

Blockchain technology, and distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) in general, are changing the ways several industries operate. This change is happening fast, and even faster in the areas of fintech, healthcare and supply chain.

The scope of blockchain disruption is far-reaching. The EU’s Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, Mariya Gabriel recently said that “in the future, all public services will use [Blockchain] technology.” If the era blockchain technology—which is constantly likened to that of the internet—is anything like it, then all industries are in for a huge transformation.

We have already witnessed significant progress in the development and utilization of distributed ledgers in various areas of supply chain and logistics operations. Still in its nascent stage, blockchain is already changing the way we see supply chain and one can only imagine how much it will transform the sector given its potential.

Since supply chain and logistics cut across every other industry, it is expected that players in this sector pioneer the blockchain revolution. Organizations and individuals in this sector must therefore take a proactive approach to blockchain innovations. The logical first step is to get blockchain education that prepares decision makers for both individual and collaborative efforts in blockchain applications. xChain2: Blockchain for Supply Chain and Logistics Forum affords the opportunity to achieve this.

Motivation behind the xChain2 Supply Chain Conference

The forum aims to address key areas in the development and adoption of blockchain solutions in the supply chain industry. The motivation is to bring the industry together to help build further collaboration with major stakeholders and to help the advancement of Blockchain Technology.

It will feature discussions, lectures and practical sessions all geared towards a better understanding of the emerging technology; preparing participants to effectively implement blockchain innovations in their respective organization and localities.

xchain2 conference blockchain supply chain logistics

An Academic – Industry Partnership in Blockchain Supply Chain 

This forum is a product of academic insight and top industry expertise. Dr. Larry Shi and Dr. Omprakash Gnawali, both Associate Professors of Computer Science at the University of Houston put together this event in partnership with Mr. Bill McBeath, Advisor (Chief Research Officer, ChainLink Research), Mr. Filip Vandenbussche, (Advisor North American Rep., Port of Antwerp) and institutional input from University of Houston Department of Computer Science, and Blockchain Technology Initiatives.

The UH Faculty of Computer Science, Economics, and Supply Chain Technology are leading research in the applications of blockchain technology and Dr. Larry Shi is a huge part of this drive. He leads a team of researchers working on a variety of projects including one under UH’s Borders, Trade, and Immigration Institute to create secure and transparent cargo supply chains by combining biometrics with blockchain technology to create a platform for tracking chain of custody

Addressing the Problems associated with Blockchain – Why should one attend the Logistics Blockchain Conference?

There is a lot of hype around blockchain technology, but only a few players have effectively adopted its applications; and these few are at initial stages in pilot projects. This poses a major threat to a uniform development in the industry since many decision makers do not fully understand the technology, its benefits, and the requirements for an action plan.

In many instances, supply chain professionals who are reviewing blockchain technology, are not fully certain of what it can offer, where to start, who can help them or understand exactly what their requirements are, when planning for the implementation of these technologies. The Forum seeks to bridge this ‘knowledge gap’ and bring participants to a point where they can make informed decisions regarding the subject matter. Secondly, the event will create a uniform theme which will direct blockchain innovation internally and externally. 

Informing Decision Makers – Who should attend the Blockchain Forum?

The Blockchain for Supply Chain and Logistics Forum is designed for decision makers in businesses and other organizations. This includes senior managers for supply chains, VPs, Directors and C-level executives (CIOs, CFOs, COOs, CEOs), as well as anyone involved in procurement, leasing, finance, IT, global sales and strategy.

Supply chains are often very complex and tend to have many stakeholders managing them, internally as well as externally. The Forum will attempt to educate the market about blockchain technologies, while ensuring that all decision makers are speaking the same language.

Areas of Interest: Blockchain for Supply Chain and Logistics Forum

As expected, the xChain2: Blockchain for Supply Chain and Logistics Forum will provide very intensive/extensive education on key areas of supply chain management and logistics. The forum begins with education on the broader subjects of Digitalization and Blockchain; participants will be exposed to the latest practices in integrated ecosystems, the future of ports and how blockchain fits at the center of it.

Participants will also be equipped to take advantage of industry-wide collaborations which, given the sheer nature of the blockchain disruption will be a prevalent feature in coming years. The Forum will also explore more specific and specialized areas of supply chain and logistics in the light of blockchain developments, including trucking, risk management, data analytics and cross-border trades.

xchain conference houston blockchain supply chain

Definitely a great avenue to sample new thoughts, academic insights and better understand the economic impacts of distributed-ledger technologies in the industry—an understanding that will inform the best blockchain strategy.

Highlight of the areas to be addressed include:

  • Solving Pain Points of Trucking Industry with Blockchain
  • Risk Management and Data Analytics over Blockchain for Trucking
  • Blockchain-Powered Trucking: Using Irrefutable Records to Drive Cash Flow and Liquidity
  • Houston Port: Critical Link in Supply Chain and Blockchain Revolution
  • Powering Blockchain Innovation through Academic – Industry Partnership
  • Transforming Supply Chains with Blockchain
  • Supply Chains and Blockchains – Driving Economic Impact and Fairer Trade
  • Assessing the Realities and Opportunities of Blockchain Implementation in Supply Chains
  • Developing Winning Blockchain Strategy: Addressing Key Adoption Questions
  • Off the Chain! Network SaaS Platforms and Blockchain: What Belongs On-Chain vs. Off-Chain
  • Securing the Machine Economy
  • Supply Chain Transparency and Traceability
  • Global Food Supply Chain and Logistics

A complete agenda for the conference can be found here.

xChain2 Conference Speakers

To lead discussions and give instructions in these areas are notable figures in the industry from across the country and around the world. Speakers include academics, administrators and accomplished professionals including top executives from OpenPort, InsurEco, OriginTrail, Filament, and the ports of Houston and Antwerp.

Here’s a cross-section of speakers and panelists for the two-day event:

  • Mr. Erwin Verstraelen – Chief Digital and Information Officer, Port of Antwerp
  • Mr. Bill McBeath – Chief Research Officer, ChainLink Research
  • Mr. Vincent Annunziato – Director, Office of Trade, U.S. Customs and Border Protection
  • Mr. Charles Thompson – Chief Information Officer, Port Houston
  • Mr. Michael Shaffner – Director of Operations Planning and Technology, Port Houston
  • Mr. Daniel Harple – Chief Executive Officer, Context Labs
  • Mr. Emmanuel Viale – Managing Director, Accenture Technology Labs
  • Mr. Nico Wauters – Chief Executive Officer, T-mining
  • Mr. Peter Harris – Co-Founder, Chain Business Insights
  • Mr. Paul Brigner – Managing Director, B-TED
  • Mr. Jason English – VP Protocol Marketing, Sweetbridge
  • Mr. John Moseley – Senior Director of Trade Development, Port Houston
  • Mr. Tomaž Levak – Chief Executive Officer, OriginTrail
  • Dr. Shin’ichiro Matsuo – Research Professor, Georgetown University; Director, B-TED
  • Mr. Luca Schiatti – R&D Associate Manager, Accenture Labs
  • Mr. Mark Toohey – Founder, TBSx3
  • Ms. Allison Clift-Jennings – Chief Executive Officer, Filament
  • Mr. Derek Lovrenich – Chief Executive Officer, InsurEco
  • Mr. Alexander Varvarenko – Chief Executive Officer, ShipNEXT
  • Mr. Andrew Bruce – Chief Executive Officer, Data Gumbo
  • Ms. Tetyana Colosivschi – Director, Strategy, Business Dev and Partnerships, ConsenSys Energy
  • Dr. Bharat Bhardwaj – Founder, GoBuyChem.com and Noahs Ark Chemicals
  • Mr. Max Ward – Chief Executive Officer, OpenPort, and
  • Mr. Peter Tirschwell – Senior Director of Content, Maritime & Trade, IHS Markit

A complete profile of the speakers can be found here.

For more information, and to register for event, visit the website: blockchainsupplychain.io.

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