“Big Bitcoin Heist” suspect who escaped has been arrested in Amsterdam

“Big Bitcoin Heist” suspect who escaped has been arrested in Amsterdam

The man suspected of stealing 600 mining computers in the “Big Bitcoin Heist”, Sindri Thor Stefansson has been arrested in Amsterdam. Sindri absconded from an Icelandic prison cell where he was being held and fled to Swede but has now been caught in the Dutch capital.

Stefansson claims that he has been incarcerated wrongly because of a mere “police suspicion” he said. He was reportedly apprehended after an international arrest warrant was issued out following his escape. When speaking to Fréttablaðið a news outlet, he said that he was arrested without trial and has since sent a counter-statement to prove his claims.

His statement read, “but under the threat that the police would arrest me if I left the prison without any explanation. I was forced to sign a paper stating that I was free travel, but if I could, I would stay in a prison room until the extension of custody was approved. “

He added that he’ll never have fled the prison if his freedom of movement was withdrawn from him by the judge. Stefansson disclosed that he feels ‘ashamed” for escaping his imprisonment but he was very unhappy about been held custody for two and a half months without any solid evidence of his involvement with the crime.

The suspect said he was going to appeal his case to the European Court of Human Rights stating that he was being threatened with more isolation if he does not produce the German man he was allegedly colluding with before to the heist.

Stephansson says he doesn’t have any interest in running or hiding and all he plans to do is to negotiate with the police to explore the possibility of him going home without being arrested again. On the manifesto he sent to the public media, Stefansson declared that he is going home to confront the issue of public harassment his family is going through as a result of his incarceration.

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