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The Appian AppStore, the World’s First Ethereum App Store launched its ICO on Monday, October 16, 2017. The ICO is expected to be open for 5 days.

Similar to the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, Appian attempts to bring both users and developers over a decentralized platform to exchange solutions and reviews in order to increase the visibility of Ethereum-based Decentralized Applications (Dapps).

The Appian application comes with some amazing features in four contexts – The Appian Builder, The Appian Escrow, The Appian Helper and The Appian Dapp Store.

The Appian Builder simplifies smart contract creation to just a matter of dragging different premade functions onto a screen. The simplicity and intuitive UI of the Appian builder outperforms the UI of any competitor platforms currently on the market, while maintaining the same flexibility for advanced programmers.

The Appian Escrow provides a decentralized escrow service using smart contracts that ensures trust of transactions for both buyers and sellers based on The Ethereum’s Blockchain platform.

The Appian Helper aims at getting high quality feedbacks from users of Dapps to facilitate Quality assurance and Product testing for all Dapps listed on the AppStore. This ensures High Quality Dapps are created and gives little room for programming flaws as quality feedbacks are awarded incentives by the Appian team.

The Appian Dapp Store becomes the one stop shop for all Dapps created on the Ethereum Blockchain and helps users in find their favorites in the Dapps World.

Crowdsale participants will receive a 20% bonus tokens for their contributions. After the limited time crowdsale, no tokens will ever be created again. In the interest of APP token holders, the supply of APP tokens will be capped at 4.5 million. Only contributions in Ether are accepted. The current rate for APP tokens are 1 ETH=360 APP.

With the launching of its ICO, the Appian App Store could very well make Dapps as common and accessible as Apps for mobile phones.

The Appian white paper can be found here.

Omer Onder - Social Media Editor
Digital media expert with 5 years journalism experience. A professional member of 'Canadian Journalists for Free Expression (CJFE)'.



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