Ethereum Development is an Advancement in Computing According to Google’s Sergey Brin 

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Sergey Brin believes that Ethereum development is an advancement in computing.

Over the years, many pioneers of technology have shown interest in cryptocurrencies and its underlying blockchain technology. This interest has been mainly noticed among pioneers in the coding world.

Ethereum – an Advancement in Computing

Recently, Brin from Google’s parent company Alphabet made positive statements about Ethereum. His comments were surprising to a lot of people who didn’t expect that he will have any interest in cryptocurrencies or acknowledge its benefits. Even if his comments were also about artificial intelligence, he said positive things about cryptocurrency.

His comments were highlighted in the annual Founders’ letter Alphabet. He considered cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence as significant trends in the technology industry. Although he noted his mixed feelings about artificial intelligence, he gave cryptocurrency more support as an emerging technology.

In his comment, he referred how cryptocurrencies affect the computing industry as a whole. Then he went further to mention how algorithms that are GPU-friendly can be found in leading cryptocurrencies today including Ethereum.

This GPU-friendly algorithm has contributed to the never-ending need for more powerful graphics cards over the last few months. Cryptocurrency mining is considered a boom in the technology industry. However, if Ethereum’s price doesn’t go up soon, the cost of purchasing these GPUs may reduce significantly.

Even if there are different opinions about cryptocurrencies in the tech industry, no one can deny the impact cryptocurrencies like Ethereum have in the computing industry. The development of Ethereum has changed the way things get done in the tech world. This is an undisputed advancement Ethereum has had in the computing industry.

What the Future Holds

Although no one knows how Ethereum will affect the future of the computing industry, Brin and many others are confident that its impact will be positive.

The Ethereum community is happy to see tech pioneers like Sergey acknowledge the positive impact of cryptocurrencies in the industry since it is often overlooked by most people.


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