Lucyd: Smartglass powered by Ethereum Blockchain – Token LCD

Augmented Reality Startup, Lucyd seeks to usher in the glasses of the future, truly next-gen smartglasses that will change the way we see the world. And blockchain is making it all the more interesting. Lucyd is planning to correct many problems besetting currently available smartglasses.

The demand for AR products including smartglasses is high and expected to keep growing. This is in spite of some poor performances of these wearables in the markets. Initial products released didn’t really satisfy eager consumers whose appetite had been watered by sci-fi depictions of AR devices.

The Lucyd team wants to rewrite that story, and they are technologically equipped to. Having observed the flaws of earlier technologies, they have developed a product that would succeed where others failed. Their solution is borne out of extensive research by AR experts, and backed by germane patents – 13 of them. Lucyd Lens is expected to be the world’s first compact and comfortable AR display.

Lucyd Smartglasses

The smartglass is designed to function with user’s smartphone which means it will do little to no processing of its own. It will be compatible with existing Android and iOS as well as its own native content. Physically, it will light and sleek.

According to the development team:

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]“Lucyd Lens will be the first that is lightweight, ergonomic, wire-free, comfortable, encompassing, auto-adjusts to lighting conditions, accommodates corrective lenses and appears like a normal pair of glasses.”[/perfectpullquote]

Features of Lucyd smartglass

Blockchain to make all the difference

Interestingly, Lucyd has chosen to drive AR content creation through blockchain. The Lucyd Lab blockchain is an ethereum-based ecosystem that runs on the LCD tokens. The tokens will be used to reward third-party developers who create AR-native apps and content. Consumers can also buy Lucyd hardware and software products through the tokens. The team hopes to fund further product development through a token sale.

Lucyd’s LCD Token Sale

The pre-sale of the LCD token started on Tuesday, 17th October and is expected to last until 30th October 2017. During the pre-sale, LCD tokens will be available at the rate of 1ETH for 2133 LCD. A public sale would begin immediately after the presale and end on November 30th. LCD tokens will be available at 1ETH to 1280 LCD. Lucyd intends to raise $10 million through the sale of 50 percent of all LCD tokens. Only Ethers (ETH) will be accepted.

Lucyd Smartglass is expected to launch by the first quarter of 2019.

Here is the whitepaper.


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