Dialogue Divide – Slowing Down Answers to Ethereum’s Toughest Questions

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As Ethereum, which is the second largest cryptocurrency in the industry, grows more diverse and larger, it is becoming clear that the digital currencies methods for collecting input from its constituency are proving difficult.
A lot of proposals aimed at controversial topics (such as “emergence of new mining hardware,” “ether supply rate,” and the “lost fund recovery”) has raised a lot of questions within the ranks of its developers about how messaging can be coordinated and how to find consensus among the conflicting attitudes about the roadmap of the protocol.
Recently, a new protocol (EIP 999) was announced, and most feared that this could result in the development of two blockchains that are not compatible. While a lot of well-known developers, including Vitalik Buterin (software creator) don’t want to conceive the idea that a split is possible, it is still a technical possibility.
Imperfect Signals
Presently, the only way to know community sentiment is via coin-voting sites and social media platforms. While social media platforms and chatters can serve as a very useful tool for measuring the community’s take on a particular issue or topic, the method still has some complications attached to it. Fake accounts manipulate and spam, and trolls run rampant, each is triggered by probably financial gain or a willingness to intensify controversy.

As a result of this, Parity Technologies CEO – Jutta Steiner said that the social media could be giving a wrong impression on the depth of the controversy over the topic about Ethereum, they might be making the issue worse. He said the introduction of EIP 999 is not as contentious as it seems on the social media, and it, therefore, shouldn’t result in more complicated issues.
Possible Solutions
Presently, there is no tangible solution at hand, although different groups and developers are trying to find a solution to this problem. Some developers have even started a working group called Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians, this group is formed to tackle the issue in the platform, but there is no tangible result yet.

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