Tron Airdrop Ongoing As Token Migration Is Supported By Bitfinex

This month should be renamed the month of Tron, as the announcements and news about the project keep popping up more often. This has helped to increase the value of the digital currency in various crypto exchanges. Presently, market analysis puts the value of Tron (TRX) at $0.088.

The Position of Tron

Tron has knocked out IOTA (MIOTA) from the tenth position, an even moved a position higher to sit securely at the number nine spot on With such an achievement, climbing to the top five leading digital currencies is a possibility in a couple of months from now. As the Tron project gathers more momentum, the team behind Tron is issuing a 30,000,000 TRX Airdrop to the Ethereum community to show how grateful they are, and the airdrop is presently ongoing.

Issues Encountered During the Airdrop

In a tweet earlier today, the founder and CEO of Tron – Justin Sun showed his gratitude to the Ethereum community and explained that the airdrop was having some network delays. As a result of the mentioned network delays, the Tron team has only been able to distribute about 4 percent of the proposed amount of TRX to the Ethereum users that qualify for the airdrop.

The Airdrops started on the 27th of April, and the team has increased the fees of mining to facilitate the process. Additional news shows that Bitfinex (a popular crypto exchange) will support the token migration of Tron which is scheduled for June 21st this year. The token migration is also supported by Bittrex. It seems the event will have a very smooth sailing.

The project is on track, and it is one of the most exciting cryptocurrency projects so far. There is a high speculation for the future price of Tron, and the token holders are even dreaming of when the value of the token will get to $1.

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