Ethereum is The Real Winner in the Cryptocurrency Industry – Maxwell Arnold

ethereum price chart

Ether became the “real winner” in crypto markets as the digital coin revels in a period of repeated price increases. Ethereum has risen from 392 USD on April 1 to 690 USD today which is a whopping 76% rise. The virtual currency’s rise to the 700 USD price range is a massive confidence booster because it plummeted from 1,330 USD in December 2017.

According to the co-author of the Laser White Paper, Maxwell Arnold in a statement to

“ETH will end 2018 around 800 USD to 900 USD.” He believes it has been a remarkably robust digital currency because it doesn’t experience latency issues like bitcoin. According to Arnold, ETH’s smart contract capabilities prove that it has inherent functional advantages compared to fiat currencies, and other cryptocurrencies as well.”

Arnold said:

“We may not see the significant gains we saw before now, but Ethereum’s clear advantages put it ahead of other virtual tokens, and the inevitable initiation of the Casper protocol is one reason for the Blockchain based cryptocurrency’s “gradual rise in value.”

Arnold believes that more platforms will begin to use ETH because of its usability and accountability.

The co-founder and MD of Minery Russia’s most significant mining facility, Alexey Paikin, is even more favourable regarding the increasing price of Ether, claiming that by December this year 2018 the cryptocurrency will cost around 3,000 USD to 4,000 USD. He said:

“The markets belong to ETH when it comes to trading.” “Yes, the real winner here is Ethereum.”

Last month the feeling around Ethereum wasn’t this positive after the cryptocurrency’s value dropped by a staggering 47.22% over the month.

Callum Blanchard, a digital currency expert, claims that:

“Just like other virtual coins, Ether was overbought as of December 2017 and January 2018. Hence just like other major cryptocurrencies out there, it is steadily recovering a bit presently.”

Ethereum has proven exceptional over the past few weeks.




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