Ethereum’s Price Today: Ethereum Prices Shrug Off Major Resistance Above 700 USD 


Ether is the center of attention once again as current cryptocurrency prices indicate that the digital coin made a significant breakout beyond the 700 USD mark. This shift comes following a week of stagnation in Ethereum prices. The current price of Ethereum serves as the highly anticipated confirmation that the second most valuable cryptocurrency has the long-term potential to be at the top. Bitcoin price might see it sit at the top of the crypto ecosystem, but for people who understand the digital currency technology behind Ether, the digital coins have the potential to be at the top in the long-term. Most ICOs presently are designed based on Ethereum’s technology.

Bright Future For Ether

Experts predict that if the trend of ICOs been built based on Ether is sustained, initial coin offerings will likely replace the traditional fundraising options hence allowing Ethereum prices to reach new highs. For this to come to fruition, the Ethereum ecosystem must agree on several controversial topics like supply, recovering lost funds and the upcoming mining hardware. Miners and users have shown conflicting ideas since the inception of BTC particularly during the August 2017 fork.

The same scenario is playing out for Ethereum. Thus one effective way for crypto investors to manage the situation is to follow the price of Ethereum. Ths cryptocurrency prices today is of enormous significance. Currently sitting comfortably at 716 USD, Ethereum has achieved a high and is now trading at levels that haven’t been seen since the start of March this year. Even though Bitcoin price over time sees it remain on top, one thing that is constant these days is that Ether isn’t far behind and is making a statement.

While American financial regulators are contemplating whether Ether is a security, commodity, or something else, the consensus around the crypto world remains positive. Experts expect the digital currency’s rally to continue (even up to the 1,000 USD mark).




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