Comino Ethereum Mining Heater: Heat Your Room And Mine Ethereum As Well


The trend of cryptocurrencies is going mainstream. This is evident in the fact that a Russian Startup recently invented a heater which can not only heat your room but would also help you mine Ethereum at the same time. Yes, you read it right.

The heater which they have invented uses the hashing algorithms in order to help you mine the cryptocurrency. According to the founders of the heater, the mining capabilities are not just limited to Ethereum. This, however, does not mean that the heater would not accomplish its primary job of heating the room.

What are the specifications of the machine?

Since it mines cryptocurrencies, you can be sure that there would be a pretty powerful rig inside the heater. The heater is equipped with 8 different graphics processors of the Asus P106-100 6G family. From the outer side, the body is so sleek that you would not be able to sense the presence of these graphics processors.

The Russian startup Comino which has launched these heaters, with 2 variants which are Comino N1 and the Comino N4. The main difference within both of these is that N1 primarily mines Ethereum whereas N4 mines Zcash. The software on which these rigs run is Russian built and the mining rate is 210 MH/s.

Return on investment:

Needless to say, when you’re buying something which has a mining rig as well, you would be always worried about the return on investment. The device costs are down $ 5000. However, currently, the startup is providing you with a $ 500 discount and thus, the effective cost of the device currently is $ 4500. According to the co-founders of the start-up, the device would net you at least $ 300 a month. In coming to this calculation, the founders are assuming that the price of Ethereum would stay at least $ 337 or higher. However, the cost of electricity in your area can have a significant impact on the return on investment.

The unique selling point of this device is that you can use it as a heater and therefore, the rig would not take up any extra space and produces negligible sound as well.

The skeptics are of the view that while the idea is certainly great but spending $ 5000 on a heater which might or might not provide you with a positive return on investment is actually a risky gamble.

Comino received a $10 million investment: Are crypto heaters the future?

Comino received a $10 million investment from the venture capital fund Exantech. Exantech is of the opinion in the next few years, the popularity of mining devices would increase further which would require more innovation.

Whether crypto heaters become successful or not, only time will tell but these sure sound interesting.

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