Stellar (XLM) and NEO on A Bull Run

stellar xlm

A lot of digital currencies have experienced a lot of substantial success recently, involving the rise in the value of their tokens as well. This trend went across the board, as Neo (NEO) and Stellar (XLM) also experienced a tangible increase in its values.

The Value of Stellar Is on the Rise

Stellar Lumens is one of the digital currencies that seems to be on a very good and successful path right now. The blockchain of Stellar is reliable, efficient, fast, and very importantly – safe. Most financial institutions and major banks have also noticed this, which is what made them join the trend.

Of course, the digital currency is also being followed by different traders, cryptocurrency investors, and also cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The market capitalization of the digital currency is presently at $8 billion, and the coin is currently trading at $0.43. The cryptocurrency experienced a significant increase in its value last week, and it saw a 15.4 percent increase.

The Current Position of Stellar

The latest development helped the virtual money to climb up the chart to sit at the 8th position in the crypto ranking. However, the increase in value was triggered by some factors, including the new supporter of Stellar – Stellar also has plans of entering into a partnership with Lobstr (a crypto exchange platform). Once this is done, its users will be able to create accounts and carry out transactions on their phones.

NEO Is Also Doing Well

Stellar is not the only cryptocurrency doing well, as NEO has also experienced a massive rise in its value. This digital currency is from China, and so far, the crypto has been able to maintain its ground in the market. Its blockchain tech functions just like that of Ethereum, which is why a lot of people have started referring to it as Chinese Ethereum.

The Value of NEO

NEO is currently trading at $84, and it sits at the 11th position in the crypto ranking. The market capitalization of NEO is about $5 billion, and it has increased by 17 percent within the last seven days.

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