Vital Price Benchmarks for Some of the Leading Digital Currencies This Coming Week

The values of all digital currencies are down in the last twenty-four hours except Bitcoin Cash and DigixDAO, just like it happens most Sundays in the cryptocurrency industry. The value of bitcoin was at $9,573 and it saw a 3.4 percent decrease in the last 24 hours. The value of Ethereum also dropped by 4.1 percent in the last 24 hours, and its current value is $782.

Ripple is still finding it difficult to get above the $0.90 market, and its present trading value is $0.87. Bitcoin Cash is doing pretty well, and it is currently trading at $1,724 after an increase of 2.8 percent in the last 24 hours. The current trading value of EOS is $17 and it is still holding its number 5 position firmly on CoinMarketCap, but the coin saw a decrease of 5.13 percent.

Nevertheless, this week has a lot of possibilities for some of the top digital currencies in the crypto market. Here are some vital price benchmarks for the cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin to Get to $10k

For the last 2 days, bitcoin has been flirting around the $10k mark. On Saturday, the digital currency was only a few dollars away from the mark. Actually, there was a time when the digital currency was just $33.50 away from the $10k mark. This means that this mark could be achieved this week.

Ethereum to get to $1k

This value has been the most optimistic target for this currency, but with the recent partnerships and development on the platform of Ethereum, there is now a renewed confidence and interest in the kings of Smart Contracts and ICOs, and this could further increase its value.

Ripple to get to $1

Ripple has been on the minds of a lot of digital currency holder for some time now. In recent weeks, the coin has been fluctuating between the values of 80 cents and 93 cents. This week, the value could get to $1.

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