IOTA (MIOTA) Makes the List of Top Weekly Performers 

IOTA continues to appreciate following the recent price hike experienced three days ago.

Three days ago, the IOTA website launched the long-anticipated Project Q which lead the price of IOTA to skyrocket. As at the time this piece was written, the 9th largest cryptocurrency based on market capitalization, IOTA was following Bitcoin Cash on the list of gainers with a rise in price. Bitcoin Cash had a 21.83% rise in price, Ethereum experienced a 14.73% rise while MIOTA/USD held ground at 11.84%.

Adding Value to IOTA

The next steps the MIOTA/USD trading pair takes in the market is significant as clearing the declining trend line will pave a way for a reverse of loses that have been suffered over the last few days.

The long awaited Project Q that has been the talk of the cryptocurrency community for some time now has finally been released.

According to the news updates and information shared by the official IOTA Twitter handle and other companies working on the project, IOTA and Porsche Digital Labs are going to work together on a project that was initiated by Startup Autobahn. The project is called Program 4.

The Launch of Program 4

According to the posts on Twitter, the project was launched yesterday in collaboration with 31 startups from different parts of the world including Belgium, United States, Japan, Canada, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Austria, Australia, Switzerland, Germany, Portugal Israel.

The Startup Autobahn facilities collaboration between corporations and startups in different parts of the world. They provide hardware laboratories, office space, expertise, VC’s, tools, and mentors for projects. This is the fourth round of Startup Autobahn project of bringing firms together. It involves uniting 31 tech firms from around the world. All the firms are going to join what may become the largest European innovation platform.

Hopefully, IOTA may continue to rise at a steady pace in the long run. More projects are on the horizon for boosting the value of the cryptocurrency.




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