Neo Gaining Momentum With NewEconoLabs, Parsec Frontiers And O3

Although Neo has experienced lows in crypto markets, the virtual currency has started to kick back negativity and gather momentum with excellent partnerships with different firms. In a bid to improve things, the virtual coin has made alliances with reputable startups. One exciting information regarding Neo is its partnership with Parsec Frontiers, the space exploration Blockchain-based game. The startup recently announced that it would use both Neo and Ethereum to operate its dual token structure.

Why Parsec Partnered With Neo

Although the company insists that it will be using Ethereum’s protocol for its token during crowdsale, Parsec’s PRSC tokens and infrastructure will depend on Neo. The reason Parsec went for Neo, is because Neo is currently industry-ready and more mature with very advanced smart contracts that support a host of mainstream languages such as C# and Java. Additionally, Neo’s tokens and that of GAS are divided (the latter is seen as a transaction fee and maintenance incentive).

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NewEconoLabs Partnership With Neo

NewEconoLabs have also announced a partnership with NEO Global Capital and Fenbushi Capital for their NNS project (Neo Name Service). NNS is a decentralised, open source name domain system that operates based on the Neo Blockchain. The platform is designed to give users the option to make. Neo domains which in turn can be utilised as public keys and as an alternative to a receiving address when conducting a transaction. This initiative was started in November 2017. It is now in TestNet.

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In a similar vein, NewEconoLabs and O3 have reached an agreement to support Neo’s domain service. The three firms will immediately start working together. Fenbushi Capital, a renowned Venture capital firm established back in 2015, is highly rated as one of the top five Blockchain venture capital companies according to CB Insights. The startup has invested over 50 million USD in different Blockchain endeavours. Following this trend, the company has said it is going to be hosting a Neo (NEO) consensus node. With several notable collaborations now in the offing, Neo may one day become the best-celebrated altcoin.








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