Digital Currency Startup Takes Off To Canada to Avoid the Expenses of US Regulatory

CBblocks – a firm based in Miami that specializes in the management of the digital currency wallet, has seen a huge success within thirty days. The company has seen success so much that they are planning on moving to Canada in order to avoid the expenses and burden of regulators in the US.

The Company’s Move to Canada

CBblocks was built by Mario Aguayo, PK Banks, and Auston Bunsen, in just a couple of days. The venture speedily found very high demand after its launch in mid-January, and it got demands worth $32k in just one month. The CEO of the startup – Auston Bunsen said that the team got inspired by Crypto Roulette, a platform that shows participants how much they could make by investing $1k in the crypto market.

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How the Business Grew

While the business’s first day was supported by the purchase of family and friends, the second day of the business was worth $3k in total sales after it was featured in TheNextWeb. This company has also been featured in other platforms including The Outline, LifeHacker, and Forbes, and their sales have skyrocketed since then.

The company generate five different digital currencies randomly for users and put them into a USB wallet that is secured with AES-256 bit encryption. Users can choose from four tiers of subscriptions ranging from $75 to $500, and each tier costs $25 more. Then the USB drive will be shipped in the case of the collector and sent to the address of the buyer.

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The product is mainly sold to individuals that want to go into the crypto market, but don’t know where and how to start. By picking the digital currency randomly and delivering them to the buyer via USB drive, the company takes care of the complex decision-making process of newbies.


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