Tron News Today – Headlines for November 23

  • TRC20 Tokens Will Be Mainstream Standouts, according to Justin Sun
  • TRX20-USDT Transactions Are Instant, Scalable, and Free – Justin Sun

Tron News Today – Tron (TRX) is one of the most active crypto projects in the crypto industry. Since the emergence of this project, it has been making waves in the industry. Since Tron gained its freedom from the blockchain of Ethereum, it has been competing with top crypto projects, including EOS and Ethereum itself. When it even comes to Dapp activeness and transaction volumes, Tron is already ahead of Ethereum. The project is not slowing down, as it is set to achieve greater heights.

TRC20 Tokens Will Be Mainstream Standouts – Justin Sun

The Tron project has a very outspoken, bullish CEO – Justin Sun. Sun is the number one fan of the project, and he has been preaching the project all over the internet. The digital currency has been under bearish attacks. After some sluggish price move by TRX – the native currency of the Tron Foundation – speculations about the fall of the digital currency continued to gain traction.

TRON (TRX) Price Today – TRX / USD


Despite the significance of Tron on the digital currency charts, the founder of Tron is positive about TRC20 tokens, the tokens issued on the network of Tron. In a recent ‘Ask Me Anything’ session on Telegram, Justin Sun said:

“I always think that TRC20 tokens will eventually stand out as the mainstream. Currently, TRC20 based USDT is the single stablecoin across the world that can free users of transaction fees, payment delays with support for smart contracts. Most exchanges and wallets in the world also support it. In particular, we are highly compatible with the existing Ethereum smart contracts, and all they need to do is to transfer and re-deploy.”

TRX20-USDT Transactions Are Instant, Scalable, and Free – Justin Sun

The founder of Tron further added that transactions with TRC20-USDT between trading platforms are free of charge, instant, and scalable with smart contracts. According to Sun, these features make it the most practical and useful stablecoin in existence. Sun was asked if the Foundation would consider issuing or cooperate with other stablecoins such as TUSD and USDC in the future. In response, Sun said:

“Market position was our top priority when it came to choosing a cooperation partner. Currently, Tether is in an absolute leading position in the stablecoin market. Meanwhile, Tether has also put in a great deal of efforts in compliance. That’s why Tether sits on the top of our list.”

Fascinatingly, this month alone, the Tron Foundation has organized a series of USDT-Tron giveaways. One of the giveaways was in partnership with Poloniex, and the most recent one was with OKEx.

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