Microsoft Is Serious About Blockchain

Cloud computing platform, Microsoft Azure has invested plenty of resources into developing a platform to optimize the building of Blockchain-powered applications fully. Despite the negative statements made by Bill Gates’ about Bitcoin and other digital currencies, Microsoft seems to be interested in the Blockchain initiative. On May 7, Microsoft Azure revealed details of its Azure Blockchain Workbench service.

According to the report, tagged Simplifying Blockchain Application Development Using the Azure Blockchain Workbench, the company said that its goal is to build templates and develop Blockchain powered apps that will be capable of adapting to user requirements. This endeavor appears to point toward direct competition with the Amazon platform (after the latter in recent weeks revealed that they would be providing similar services).

According to Microsoft Azure, the decision to develop the platform has so far been successful and has let several top industries around the globe adopt Blockchain-powered technologies quickly and more reliably. The Azure Workbench is designed to considerably cut down the need to build Blockchain-based networks from scratch. It optimizes costs and reduces the effort needed as well as the following expenses for the maintenance of facilitates as there is typically a shared ecosystem among several clients on a global scale.

Excellent Avenue for Blockchain Developers to Seek Exposure

Additionally, the Microsoft Azure team mentioned that they would be traveling to New York to participate in the NY Blockchain Week. The team registered for the New York Consensus Summit (arguably one of the most critical events in the world relating to the development of Blockchain-powered technologies). Having two different stands, the company wants to get the attention. Main while this endeavor will see Microsoft sharing spaces with other top companies in the digital world like Etoro, NEM, Ripple, SAP, CME Group, Changelly, Qtum, IBM, Circle, Kraken,, Bitfury, and Santander plus dozens of essential names in the world of technology, finance, and Blockchain in general.



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