Attendees of the Ethereum Summit Commit to Governance Plan 

Ethereum community stakeholders have pledged their support for the governance plan that was created during the Ethereum tech-focused conference.

Four new governance steps have been developed by the organizers of the EIP:0 Ethereum summit. Web3 Foundation, Notably, Aragon, and, Parity Technologies, on Wednesday, pledged their support by signing the statement of intent.

The Scoop on the EIP:0 Summit

The EIP:0 summit, which was hosted earlier in the month, was specifically meant to address the governance issues currently disrupting the Ethereum community due to the rapid growth of the network. A diversity of opinions is also another factor that has contributed to the governance problem facing the network. Gauging sentiments among the different developers, investors and other parties involved in the software is currently challenging.

Therefore, the signatories to the plan have committed themselves to developing a statement of values for Ethereum. This statement of values will be shared with everyone in the community. They also aim at supporting the development of open source tools that will be used to collect metrics and key signals.

The key signals covered include the transaction volume, the number of GitHub contributions, the number of developed contracts, and many other variables.

It’s important to note that the second EIP:0 summits is receiving support from many stakeholders in the industry. For instance, before the summit, an officer at Parity, Afri Schoedon, said that the summit must be inclusive for the community to benefit from it. The organizers need to be ready to deal with a large crowd.

Ethereum summits in the future will have to build on the existing model and expand opportunities for attendees and viewers to interact. Participants who are not in the physical location of the summit should be given an opportunity to participate from wherever they are.

L4 Ventures, Giveth founder Griff Green, developer Lane Rettig, startup Gnosis, and, Ethereum foundation member Hudson Jameson were all in the list of signatories to the statement.




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