Tron Will Become A Top Six Digital Coin Again,’ CEO

The countdown to TRON’s Mainnet launch is ticking fast with great anticipation internationally. Currently, the countdown reads 20 days and 14 Hours 30 Minutes left on the company’s site which is just three weeks away. In CEO Justin Sun’s continued communication with the TRX holders, he prepared a statement to the Tron ecosystem. This statement can be seen on TRON’s Medium page. In the letter to the Tron community, Sun explains that the digital token is set to regain a Top 6 finish once more in the near future. Should TRON achieve such a feat, it would be in a similar manner to what occurred on January 5. However, this time, TRON will maintain its position at the top permanently.

What Justin Sun Thinks About TRON Finishing in the Top Six

According to Sun:

Expectations are higher for the future. TRON’s next goal is to be among the top 6 virtual currencies around the globe. We have achieved top 6 briefly in the past after TRON realized an upward shift in prices on January 5 this year. To date, this remains TRON’s most astounding run in the market. In the latter part of 2018, we will reclaim that position which will mark our global place as a mainstream Blockchain. This will lay a strong foundation for some healthy competition with Ether he said.

Sun didn’t forget to emphasize the youth and brilliance shown by TRON’s Team which he believes will be the primary reason why the project will be a success and achieve a Top six position.

In his words:

Now that we are a top 10 coin, each move upwards will signify a change in the digital currency structure. TRON remains the youngest token, but we are also the most professional, and we possess a team that has gained experience from mainstream companies like Alibaba. When compared to most crypto companies, TRON seems agile with the potential to embrace change.




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