Is Ethereum Set To Become The Next World’s Biggest Cryptocurrency?

According to some industry experts, Bitcoin, the world’s most important crypto token and first decentralised digital currency ever could be displaced by Ethereum at the top spot. Ethereum has seen its prices increase considerably in recent years. This has lead market experts go in sync with the belief that Ether has the potential to overthrow BTC and become the biggest cryptocurrency in the world.

What Investors Think

Roger Ver, BTC’s most trusted investor and the backbone of start-ups like and both of which are among the most successful digital currency companies, claims that Ether and Bitcoin Cash will soon overtake Bitcoin at the top of the cryptocurrency market backed by significant gains in coming months or even years. Ver in an interview with the Independent said:

“I am positive that ETH could dethrone Bitcoin by year end. While Bitcoin Cash could follow suit before 2020.”

Crypto market analysts have named it “The Flippening” the term used to classify the fact that Bitcoin won’t hold the most massive market cap giving way to major projects like Ether and Bitcoin Cash. According to Ver, cited the slow transaction issues regarding Bitcoin’s core technology as a reliable indicator that Ether is on course to overthrow it. The tech mogul also feels that the rate at which fees have soared higher in recent years as well the growing popularity of the Ether network are contributing factors to the shift.

Blockchain Taking Over

More people now believe in the efficiency of Blockchain, and with Ethereum gaining full recognition following a turbulent surge, Ether’s decentralised software program is more user-friendly which gives way to improved standards in the digital currency space. Experts have claimed that there isn’t any reason for BTC to fall back on market charts as it continues to remain dominant.

In the in last twelve months, Bitcoin’s price has come around 1,500 USD to 9,360 USD with an average rise of 450%.









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