Bitcoin Price Forecast: Expert Predicts Unbelievable Future for Bitcoin

BTC will be overthrown in the virtual currency realm by year end according to financial expert Roger Ver. He predicted an unbelievable future for the digital currency during a period of exponential market gains. Ver believes that other virtual currencies will exceed Bitcoin’s value in the long run.

Ver declared that Ether possesses the technological ability to overtake Bitcoin. While Bitcoin Cash has the potential to surpass Bitcoin before 2020. According to his interview with the Independent:

“Ethereum can overtake Bitcoin by year end, and Bitcoin Cash can do the same thing before 2020.”

The cryptocurrency expert believes Bitcoin is hamstrung due to high fees and slow transaction times while other digital tokens have tried to solve these issues.

Ver insists that Bitcoin Cash price could be double” its value by next week because of many funding opportunities from “big investors.”

Other Views

There have been others who disagree with Ver’s predictions. Michael Jackson, representing Mangrove Capital Partners, a venture capital firm in the United States, emphasized that Bitcoin can adapt because of the people working around the clock to deal with its “scalability issues.”

Jackson stated:

“There’s a lot of talent in the virtual currency space, and people have been working to solve the scalability problems that affect Bitcoin. I see no reason why Bitcoin shouldn’t retain its position as the largest cryptocurrency in the world. Bitcoin is still the best known digital currency by far, and it’s ultimately the reserve money in the space.”

Currently Price for Bitcoin and Ethereum

Bitcoin is presently trading at 8,295.85 USD while Ethereum is trading at 730.86 USD. Both digital currencies have seen unusual spikes in value in recent weeks. Bitcoin has increased by an impressive 2,091.97 in profit in recent weeks indicating a sharp increase in cost at 30.61%. Ethereum, on the other hand, has seen a 75.85% increase in value and marking a 315.25 USD rise over the last few weeks in what has been an impressive outing for the digital currency.







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