What You Need To Know About Aphelion Digital Currency

Aphelion is a brand-new blockchain service that is designed to resolve a lot of the complications that are normally and frequently faced by most popular digital currency trading platforms and exchanges. Aphelion utilizes a distributed ledger technology and it employs a peer-to-peer, open source, and decentralized asset distribution application protocol which is designed on the blockchain of NEO.

Also, this digital currency utilizes a tokenized transaction framework known as Distributed Exchange Asset Ledger or DEAL. Every DEAL transaction is facilitated through Smart Contracts which do not depend on crypto trading or exchange platforms and they are devised by users.

The Native Token of the Coin

Aphelion’s native token functions as a Liquidity Verification Device (LVD) which helps to execute transactions between users in a secure, instant, and free manner.

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Overview of the System

  • Aphelion native cryptographic token is stored in a public blockchain (decentralized)
  • It is an independent blockchain service that functions autonomously, and it can’t be controlled by a single entity or operator.
  • It enables peer-to-peer trading without the help of a central authority figure or third-party organizations.
  • Aphelion lets users grow their own cross-chain and on-chain portfolios using a smart contract framework that is unique.
  • It also simplifies global cross-border digital currency trading.

Key Features

Aphelion is a peer-to-peer trading service that was built on the blockchain of NEO. Aphelion offers its users a wallet-based P2P trading experience which is streamlined and connects users with digital currency traders all over the world. Some of the fundamental benefits of NEO over other blockchains such as Ethereum and Bitcoin include:

  • Functional Efficiency
  • Security
  • Compatibility
  • Scalability
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How the System Works

The native Aphelion (APH) tokens serve as the escrow device of the platform, holding the smart contract needed to execute peer-to-peer trading between users. For every transaction, a little amount of APH is needed to compensate for the fuel expenditure of the platform.


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