Bitcoin Jesus: Ethereum Has The Potential to Overtake Bitcoin

Roger Keith Ver, an investor in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency related startups also known as the ‘Bitcoin Jesus’, has predicted that Ethereum could overthrow Bitcoin at the top as the most massive cryptocurrency in the world. Ver who nows stays in Japan and has actively supported Bitcoin use as a way to accelerate the economic freedom envisioned by the founder of the digital currency, Satoshi Nakamoto.

The Flippening is at hand

Flippening means the act of digital coins, no longer riding behind Bitcoin or deriving market cap value from it. It marks the end of Bitcoin’s dominance and special status concerning market capitalization and popularity with the entry of a better more popular alternative, Ethereum.

Why Does Ver Predict Flippening in The Case of Ethereum and Bitcoin?

Speaking to The Independent, UK, in an interview, the Bitcoin Jesus said:

“I see Ethereum overthrowing Bitcoin at the top. I see it happening, and I believe it is imminent. Ether could overtake BTC by this year-end, and Bitcoin Cash could get to the apex before 2020.”

Ver also highlighted the hurdles that Bitcoin’s core technology is having relating to transaction scaling and speed. Many users of the digital currency are now facing the issue of higher fees (though the Lightning network) has been working to reduce these costs. However, it might be a little too late as Ethereum is gathering a massive following especially with the prospects of scaling being solved through sharding.

Ver was optimistic about the growth of Bitcoin Cash and was keen to say he sees it eclipsing Ether and Bitcoin by 2020. He said this about Bitcoin Cash:

“It isn’t guaranteed, but it is likely to occur than not. Bitcoin cash has doubled in value since last month and with huge investors coming in could see it even double further by next week. After all, people love chasing a rising star.”

Only time will tell if the Bitcoin Jesus’ predictions will be seen.



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