HTC Is Working On a Blockchain Mobile Phone

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A couple of weeks ahead of the announcement of its flagship, HTC just unveiled a new piece of hardware. HTC is one of the biggest mobile device manufacturing companies in the world, and they want to take advantage of the latest technology (blockchain technology) to manufacture mobile devices.

The Company’s Announcement

While the Taiwanese firm has consolidated much of its offerings in the past few years, it announced earlier today its upcoming mobile device (Exodus) is coming with the favorite tech catchword of everyone – blockchain. The company made this announcement at the Consensus 2018 blockchain conference holding in New York.

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So what really makes a mobile device a blockchain device? Digital currency support and security mostly. According to the landing page of the company’s new mobile device, they said their vision is to expand the ecosystem of blockchain by creating the first mobile device in the world that is dedicated to decentralized apps and security. They said they can make this a reality with the release of the HTC Exodus.

The Unique Functions of the Phone

The new blockchain mobile device of HTC will support Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other digital currencies (courtesy of a universal wallet), decentralized applications, and secure hardware. HTC also has plans of creating a native blockchain platform, whereby digital currencies can be traded amongst users of Exodus.

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Naturally, the mobile device can also be bought with digital currencies. However, the release date, as well as the price of the mobile device, have not been released yet. There isn’t actually much information beyond this, but the company is clearly gunning to make waves as its market has shrunk in overall size to a declining mobile device market.

However, even with the speedily increasing interest and awareness in the world of digital currency, it is difficult to imagine Exodus making much of a splash in the smartphone market.

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