Ripple Price Prediction: Ripple to Reach 334 USD Per XRP in 3 Years

Is it possible for Ripple XRP to hit the 334 USD mark in a 3-year period? Even though this sounds crazy, there are many reasons to believe that this could happen. Let’s see why some experts are forecasting that Ripple will hit 334 USD per XRP in a 3-year timeframe.

Sectors Ripple Aims Tackle

Ripple is very ambitious. The crypto company wants to resolve the problems affecting the banking system. The swift system has made consumer experience poor due to high fees and more extended transactions. Ripple intends to tackle this by reducing 40% inefficiencies. Let’s say Ripple gets 10% out the market once it has implemented its solutions, plus another 10% for fees. So in a 24 trillion USD market, we would be speaking of 4.8 trillion USD income, which will more than double the price of the coin. Hence, the 334 USD value prediction is justified. Should Ripple adopt a reasonable number of bank entities, financial institutions will succumb. They wouldn’t want to lose customers because of other firms offering better services. If a mass adoption happens among banks, Ripple’s value could move well above the 334 USD mark.

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The Possibility of Virtual Currency Burning

Most people assume that Ripple wouldn’t be inclined to burn its coins. However, Ripple will probably deploy coin burning in the near future. In a scenario were Ripple adopted by banking institutions and other entities the company would inevitably switch to massive coin burning.

Massive Adoption of Ripple

Once Ripple is massively adopted by banking entities it will become appealing for top exchange platforms around the world. Meaning it will gain outstanding validation globally and a remarkable space in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.


In the end, this prediction isn’t outrageous after all. However, keep in mind that investing in cryptocurrency is an inherent risk. So make sure you spend only what you would willing lose.

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