Litecoin Is Now Compatible With Blocknet While Being Listed On Gemini

Litecoin has experienced some down times during the huge market crash since it lost its long-held position as the fifth best digital currency in the world according to the world digital currency ranking list.
A few months back, the digital currency dropped to the number 6 position on the list of top ten digital currencies while its previous position was taken by EOS as this digital coin was able to get a greater market cap compared with the market cap of Litecoin.
Nevertheless, Litecoin did not stop there, not allowing this circumstance to dishearten it from rising to the green, increasing its exposure and getting new listings.

Litecoin Gets Listed on Gemini

Litecoin was recently listed on another trading platform, which will definitely play a vital role in the digital currency’s present level of exposure. Litecoin saw some dark days during the market crash that lasted for two months when it lost its position to EOS. This time, the digital currency was added to the listing of a trading platform that is very popular – Gemini Exchange.
Besides adding Litecoin to its trading platform, the company has also added Bitcoin Cash (a very successful Bitcoin fork), and Zcash (a digital currency that is well-known for its privacy). Although these digital currencies were added to the platform some days ago, it’s still not clear when Litecoin, Zcash, and Bitcoin Cash will go live on the trading platform.

Litecoin Is Now Compatible with Blocknet

The Litecoin team has been on another project that might positively impact Litecoin and help its value to skyrocket to the moon, even possibly returning to its previous position. This time, there has been some speculations for some days now that Litecoin is now compatible with Blocknet.
This means that Litecoin is now enabled for cross-platform operations, which means the digital currency can now work as a cross-platform cryptocurrency that would enable it to interact with other cryptocurrencies.


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