New Partnership of Cardano (ADA) Opens Up Possibility for the Adoption of Mainstream

The adoption of mainstream is what every digital currency is after, and they are excited to get into partnerships which could further increase the chances of mainstream adoption. Cardano was very excited to announce a partnership that has the potential of opening up the digital currency into its biggest market yet.

Cardano’s partnership

A Japan-based blockchain startup – EMURGO, announced the integration of the digital coin of Cardano (ADA) into Metaps plus. The partnership with the South Korean payment platform – Metaps Plus, would involve incorporating ADA into the platform of Metaps Plus which is in charge of 10,000,000 mobile to offline transactions.
While the complete integration isn’t to be expected until the third quarter of this year, the partnership of Cardano with Metaps Plus would indicate adoption on a broader scale for the digital currency. Asia is one of the biggest digital currency markets in the world, and this might be the starting phases of the entry of the digital currency into a market that is passionate about digital currency.

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The Major Goal of EMURGO

The major goal of EMURGO is to bring about hefty scale adoption among partners that want to use the blockchain platform on which Cardano was designed to mainstream firms across the globe. Integrating this digital currency into these platforms would open up more opportunities for the digital coin to expand rapidly in the already, well-established Asian market.
According to the PR of Metaps, after the integration, the digital coin of Cardano would be utilized in more than 33,000 offline franchise stores.

Cardano’s Price and Performance

Presently, the trading price of Cardano is not very convincing. The digital currency was valued at $1 in January, ever since, it has been finding it difficult to maintain a steady price. The current value of the digital currency is 24 cents after a decrease of 3.6 percent in the last twenty-four hours.

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