Steve Wozniak Compares Apple to Ethereum at the Vienna Conference

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Steve Wozniak makes a comparison between Ethereum and Apple at the Vienna conference.

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computer Inc, was one of the attendees of the WeAreDevelopers technology conference that took place in Vienna. Wozniak, who is popularly known as Woz, compared the Ethereum blockchain to Apple stating that Ethereum could have a serious impact on the world in the future. He believes that it’s only a matter of time until Ethereum becomes as influential as Apple in the world.

Ethereum May Become Just As Influential As Apple

During his speech, he sounded enthusiastic about the Ethereum network saying that it is similar to Apple. In his words:

“I am interested in Ethereum because it’s a platform that can be used to do many things.”

According to the reports by Forbes, Wozniak was among the early investors in Ethereum and Bitcoin. However, he stopped investing early in the year claiming to have just one Bitcoin and two Ethereum left in his portfolio. He said he left those to be used for payment experiments.

His opening speech, on Thursday, during the conference was “the next major revolution in IT that is about to happen.” During the speech, he said that the blockchain and cryptocurrencies would reach their full potential within a decade.

This is not the first time that Wozniak is speaking favorably about cryptocurrencies. In October 2017, during a conference titled “Money 20/20 in Las Vegas, Wozniak said that Bitcoin is more valuable than the USD and gold.

After co-founding Apple, Wozniak hasn’t withdrawn from the tech industry. He has remained an active personality and founded a coding academy for programmers called the Woz University. The academy has up to 31 different coding centers within the United States alone.

His reputation in the tech industry is what has made his opinion about Ethereum heartwarming for the cryptocurrency community and especially among Ethereum enthusiasts.



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