Paycent – A Mobile Wallet – Adds Support for Digital Currency Dash

Dash – a payment-focused digital currency – has been integrated into Paycent (Texcent Asia’s mobile wallet app). The digital currency is now available to users of Paycent and the firm’s network of 36,000,000 merchants worldwide. Merchants and users can convert, sell, and buy Dash with fiat currencies and other types of digital currencies. This announcement was made by the company on Wednesday.

Furthermore, Paycent also provides a Dash-to-Fiat instant liquidity functionality for local merchant payments. The COO of Paycent – Nitin Gupta, said: “one of the reservations the average shop owner or individual has with using digital currencies is the settlement time of transactions.”

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The Timing of the Integration

The integration of Dash into the mobile wallet – Paycent – which was done with the help of digital currency and blockchain service providers – BlockCypher, comes at a period when the digital currency is getting ready to launch its Evolution platform in Alpha.


Paycent is a mobile payment platform that aims to be the world leader for complete cashless and mobile transactions. It provides both merchants and users with a payment platform so they can pay bills, shop, receive and send money, and it supports both digital currencies and fiat currencies. This payment platform works via a debit-style card that allows users to instantly convert digital currencies into local currencies.

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The mobile application was made available for download since January this year. Gupta said: “they are bringing financial technologies of the 4th-Industrial Revolution to the customers of today – especially the millennials that deal with both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies and are looking for a platform to convert them instantly without the stress of finding buyers on exchanges.

The firm describes the solution they provided as a global dual e-wallet which can be funded by cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Paycentos, Litecoin, Ethereum, or Bitcoin Cash, and also fiat and high-liquidity currencies, in the same app.

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