EOS Welcomes a New Member to the Team

EOS has been outstanding for past two months, as it experienced a steady gain. The digital currency, which was on the rise as a result of a lot of thrilling developments, outperformed Litecoin and took over its position. As the market cap of the digital currency upsurges, its population climbed over the past couple of months.

Nevertheless, the latest trends in its price have sent shock waves across the digital currency community, as the digital currency market has been towed into an unexpected depression, sending most of the leading digital currencies into the red.

Just like every other major altcoin in the crypto market, EOS is also trying to recover from the sudden decline in value. Recently, the digital currency has been showing some signs of rebound.

The CFO of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia to Join EOS Blockchain as COO

EOS – a decentralized platform based in Hong Kong – which is usually considered as a threat to Ethereum, boasts of a fascinating development team. The EOS blockchain developers were able to raise $2 billion in a single ICO (Initial Coin Offering) offering. Considering the EOS blockchain developments, the cryptocurrency, which is currently the 5th most valuable digital currency based on market cap, could overthrow Ethereum in the coming weeks or months.

The CFO of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia – Rob Jesudason, has left the bank to join block.one (the development team behind EOS), and this is a great news for EOS. Jesudason has been appointed as the CFO and president of Block.one.

Latest Development on the Blockchain of EOS

While the bullish trend’s return has alarmed a lot of investors, the blockchain of EOS anticipates some positive changes in the coming months. The blockchain, which revitalized the interest of traders by releasing a new software update, Dawn v4.0, is determined to make some stimulating changes on the blockchain.


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