Why Ripple is The Banking Industry’s Lady in Green

Ripple’s blockchain has discovered ways to ensure that international transactions are quicker, safer, more efficient and cheaper, hence many banks and financial institutions are beginning to adopt it. Ripple’s innovations are quickly becoming the legal tender or digital currency of the finance industry due to their extraordinary nature.

Ripple Vs. Traditional Options

– Transferring with Ripple allows for the exchange of rich information between parties. But traditional options will keep this exchange to a minimum.

– The fixed correspondent method is usually used to carry out exchanges in traditional transactions. It is a way where the exchange rate is picked for any transaction. Ripple, on the other hand, uses and the automated instant auction method for liquidity, FX assuring and provision. This ensures that the exchange rate will be better than that of traditional transfers.

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– Ripple can convert currencies in cases where such conversion isn’t available in traditional modes.

– Ripple’s method takes just a mere few seconds to complete transactions while the traditional way takes up to three to even four days.

Why Everyone is in Love With XRP

Ripple focuses on optimizing international payments and trade. This is the reason why financial institutions and banks like it. It makes these industries better, more efficient, cheaper and safer. XRP has become a highly friendly and desirable digital currency for the world’s financial community. Ripple’s transfers are almost instantaneous with little fees to the benefit of banks and financial institutions.

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Adoption and partnerships

Because of Ripple’s functionality, the digital currency has been able to secure partnerships with some of the most important banks around the world including:

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc. (MUFG).

Credit Agricole

Banco Santander

Mizuho Financial Group.

Axis Bank, from India.

Standard Chartered Bank

Rak Bank.


XRP remains cheap as its demand grows. The potential for performance and growth of the cryptocurrency will only explode shortly. If Ripple’s XRP token is unanimously adopted by banks around the world, it could leave Bitcoin and Ethereum behind in the future.

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