Coingeek Conference: Bitcoin’s Cash Innovation Stands Out in Hong Kong 

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On May 18, Coingeek hosted its inaugural Conference in Hong Kong. The event hosted top experts from the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem and hundreds of BCH proponents. Coingeek wrapped up its conference that was designed to spread the benefits BCH can offer. The event had a host of industry innovators including company’s like, Handcash, Nchain, Lokad, Bitmain, Yours, Centbee, and, to name a few. Attendees listened to keynote speeches from Ryan X Charles, Roger Ver, Joannes Vermorel, Jihan Wu, Dr. Craig Wright, Vin Armani, Jimmy Nguyen and Steven Bower.

Powering Online Commerce

Jimmy Nguyen discussed the recent Nchain BCH-focused endeavor ‘Bcommerce.’ The talk got the fired up the crowd regarding how BCH supporters intend to spread mass adoption. Bcommerce aims to offer a global payment system with fast transactions and low commission fees. Nguyen spoke about how the firm is developing on-chain methods for Bitcoin Cash, better user interfaces, and APIs plus security improvements and merchant adoption.

Bitmain Technologies CEO, Jihan Wu described how proponents of BCH could bolster the cryptocurrency’s adoption. He also previously spoke on the subject of ICOs because BCH might be capable of producing colored coins soon. Wu said an ICO is now a “buzzword” for the wrong reasons. He said many ICOs could be misleading. Further stressing that the virtual currency industry should “work with regulators closely instead of working with lawyers closely.”

Wu in a panel with Nchain’s Craig Wright and’s Roger Ver explained how Bitmain found significant flaws in the Swift banking system. Wu thinks digital assets are far more efficient for transactions than Swift.

Bitcoin ABC’s lead developer, Amaury Sechet, detailed his technical vision regarding a more dependable global payment system. The lead developer talked about how BCH is continuing near the roadmap Satoshi Nakamoto listed in his white paper.

Purse is Launching a BCH Implementation Known as ‘Bcash’

Nchain’s Craig Wright talked about new methods to buy and sell goods with BCH. Lorien Gamaroff, the CEO of Centbee spoke about the BCH wallet still in the works. While the founder of Lokad, Joannes Vermorel talk about how BCH proponents can overcome any eCommerce hurdles with the Bitcoin Cash crypto token.



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