CNBC’s Crypto Trader Will HOLD BCH and FOLD BTC 

CNBC’s crypto trading host Ran Neuner, who is also the founder of Onchain recently revealed what he thinks about the top cryptocurrencies on CNBC’s game “HODL or FODL.” Neuner said he would fold Bitcoin, and hold Bitcoin Cash. He said he would hold Ethereum, and throw XRP in the waste bin. Neuner is supportive of Bitcoin. He believes the price is low at 8200 USD and he sees other digital currencies as better options for investment. He thinks the price will grow again over time.

Regarding BCH, Neuner believes it has more potential than BTC. The cryptocurrency trader went on to express positive sentiment regarding the Bitcoin Cash team. He made positive remarks about Ether and believes that its value is derived from the developer community. Regarding Ripple, Neuner decided that he will throw it into the waste bin. Neuner indicated that he is struggling to understand what the XRP token is used for honestly. He said he would consider folding when it comes to Ripple.

How Twitter Reacted

Twitter users were outraged at Neuner’s responses. Although his post on CNBC received 640 likes and 271 retweets, it received plenty of backlash from the digital currency ecosystem on Twitter. Other Twitter users decided to make fun of the post. They designed memes and GIFs to show their disagreement over Neuner’s remarks regarding the leading digital currencies.

The Issues Over the Team Behind BCH

Neuner said he believed in the Bitcoin Cash team. While some Twitter users were divided regarding his thoughts on Ripple, almost every responder on the social media platform saw his statements as a joke. BCH has been facing plenty of backlash in recent weeks. Roger Ver, an original team member of the network, was reportedly aiming “social attacks” on Bitcoin.

One Twitter user had even uncovered a photograph with Ver and Neuner at a 2017 conference, with Neuner’s laptop in support of Ver’s website. Even though Twitter users showed concerns, Neuner spoke about the matter and defended it.









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