Brave Browser To Make Paying For YouTube Content Easier

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The new blockchain-based Brave browser is introducing an interface using which viewers would be able to directly pay YouTube content creators in cryptocurrency. They have created the Basic Attention Token (BAT) which is based on Ethereum. The main purpose of this token is to pay the YouTube content creators. The only middlemen is the Brave browser, and users can easily pay the YouTube content creators.

The cryptocurrency space is making inroads into YouTube channels as well. Up until now, most of the YouTube content creators were using banner advertising. The problem with banner advertising is that it is not reliable at all. That is why a lot of YouTube content creators are looking at alternative ways to make money.

While Brave’s BAT is not brand new, the team has been trying to sign publishers as well as users for some time. More and more YouTubers are opting for BAT in order to make some extra revenue.

Brave offers the users the option to send the money to the YouTube content creators according to the time which they have spent on the video. Thus, the greater the amount of time spent by the viewers, the larger would be their contribution as well. This is an added advantage.

The only disadvantage currently is that the Brave browser which has been created by the company is used by limited users. Until browser adoption increases significantly among users, the YouTube content creators might not see the increased revenue. The company is working on increasing the number of people using the browser as well as the number of YouTube content creators which are present on the platform. When the browser, as well as the token, becomes more popular, more viewers would pay the YouTube content creators using BAT.

It seems like blockchain technology is making an impact on each and every field including digital fields like YouTube content creation. One thing is for sure the more the cryptocurrency browser becomes popular, the more YouTube content creators would prefer it over banner advertising. The reason for this is that the per click cost of the banner advertising varies significantly. That is why most of the YouTube content creators are not sure about the amount of money which they would be able to make by using banner advertising. On the other hand, using the Brave browser, YouTube viewers would be able to send BATs directly to the content creators.

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