Stellar (XLM) News Today: IBM Partners with Stellar Lumens to Release Carbon Credits

The International Business Machine (IBM) recently announced a new partnership with Stellar Lumens after the beginning of another market recovery. The plan is to use the blockchain technology of Stellar to issue carbon credits in the form of tokens.

Stellar and IBM might help minimize damages done by pollution, and Stellar might also push out Ripple in the cause of this. The digital currency market has experienced yet another recovery period that enabled digital currencies to take a break from the continuous fight to just survive and remain relevant.

Stellar Lumens is going great, and its circumstance might improve more as a result of this partnership. There is no doubt in the mind of anyone that this partnership will considerably improve the position of Stellar.

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IBM’s Partnership with Stellar

Blockchain technology is increasingly gaining popularity and it’s already being adopted and used for several different purposes across the globe. A lot of industries and firms have discovered its potential to provide new approaches to existing issues. One of those includes the issuing of carbon credit through blockchain, which is what IBM wants to do with the technology of Stellar.

The Carbon Credit Project of IBM

Carbon credit is one of the latest means of dealing with pollution issues and it will be used for alleviating huge amounts of damage that companies are doing to the environment. This latest approach is made possible with the help of blockchain technology and its decentralization.

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BloomX Also Wants Stellar

The recent announcement from BloomX says that the company wants Stellar to be the one to process their payments. They also said that the network of stellar perfectly suits their needs, which is why they chose the digital currency.

The digital currency clearly has so much going on for it. First, it was a significant gain against the USD, and then IBM wants to partner with it, and now it was chosen by BloomX.


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