Former CEO of OKEx joins rival Houbi cryptocurrency exchange

Chris Lee, the former CEO of world-leading digital asset exchange OKEx, recently announced that he is joining the international digital currency trading platform and exchange Huobi after resigning from his position at OKExLee is leaving the Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange just as it became the world’s largest by daily trade volume after reportedly overtaking Binance.

In a tweet he made on Sunday, 21 May 2018, Lee said that he has officially joined Huobi group as secretary of the board of Directors & Vice president of International business development. “With the combination of Huobi expertise with industryleading marketing & operational abilities, we will be biggest in the entire industry!” he tweeted.

Lee’s spokeswoman also said in a separate press statement that Lee will lead Huobi Group’s global M&A strategy and oversee the development of its international teams. More so, Lee disclosed on his Twitter account that he was leaving OKEx to “start a new life,” and that it had been the greatest pleasure and an honor to work at OKEx. Furthermore, he said that he will return to the blockchain community after [taking] a short break.

Chris Lee who was once tagged the “best financial executive in Hong Kong” by AsiaMoney, would certainly have his absence felt by OKEx, as his network and experience in the banking and investment sector would have helped pushed OKEx to greater heights.

While speaking concerning the development, Huobi made the announcement in a press statement on Monday, that Chris Lee would be at the forefront of the Singapore-based firm’s international strategy as it explores expanding into more Asian markets.

Reflecting on his time at OKEx, Lee said, “For my former employer, I have done all I could […] the first generation of OKCoin’s international and management teams have left. How many of the second generation is still there? And how many CTOs have left in the last three to four years?”

Solomon Sunny is the market reporter for Smartereum, one of the global leaders in Ethereum, blockchain and currency news. He produces technical price updates on digital currencies and writes recent developments about blockchain.


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