Users Rejoice As EOS Adds Wallets and Username Feature

EOS recently revealed that it would be adding a feature just before its mainnet launch. With the new features, every wallet will be assigned a specific 12 character username. EOS says its mainnet launch is coming up on June 2.

What The New Features Entail

Wallet users’ will be able to set their unique 12 character username, which will be stored on the Blockchain. This username will be used to push and transfer transactions to the Blockchain network. The account or usernames given to every already existing user can’t be changed before the mainnet launch. Each username will exist as a globally-unique identifier, meaning users can’t repeat usernames.

Why Resort to A 12 Character Username?

The primary reason for the 12 character username option was clarified and highlighted thus; that the average for names is usually just 11 characters but the benefits of designing the UI with shorter usernames would make way for more user interface uses. One Reddit user EOS authority and EOS producer candidate explained that Scatter and wallets would receive similar addresses. The username can be utilized as a public account identity to receive and send payments.

Impact on EOS

EOS in recent days saw a slight price increase, presumably because of the hype surrounding its forthcoming mainnet launch. The digital currency started the week trading at a 14.51 USD high on May 15th but went down to a new low of 12.06 USD the next day. After one day, the digital currency went on a strong rally with the bulls to 13.83 USD as of May 17. The value of EOS has slowly gone down as well as managing to rally over a few days between the 12 USD high and 13 USD low marks. The digital currency saw a sharp growth from 13.69 USD to 14.17 USD as of May 20 before receding less than the 14 USD resistance level. It hovered near the 13 USD mark before trading at 13.06 USD as of press time.










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