Fantastic Boost In Awareness on Ellen Show: Ripple Is The Future 

Ripple gets the first bank from Oman on its RippleNet platform

Ripple got an awareness boost after Ellen DeGeneres got a donation of 4 million USD in the cryptocurrency on TV. This donation was for Ellen DeGeneres wildlife fund. The funds were instantly changed to Rwandese currency. Usually, this process could have taken several days if it was done using traditional transaction methods. Apart from Ripple’s technical capabilities, it is hard to argue that this was probably a huge marketing boost for the digital currency.

Ellen Show Creating Awareness on Ripple

Because Ellen is a celebrity with a huge fanbase numbering into millions across the world (a good number of these people don’t have an idea about Ripple), many of her followers will undoubtedly take an interest in Ripple. After all, it is a technology that allows an individual send money across the globe within seconds. The chances are that a good number of her followers will begin to use Ripple as a method of payment. This will ultimately push up Ripple’s usage, which is a win for the long-term growth of the network.

There is a type of power that the media posses over people concerning investments. That is why any time there is news regarding the digital currency market on mainstream media, markets react. One example is the news about Etheruem’s regulation published by the wall street journal which pushed down the crypto market. On this basis, we can argue that the Ellen show just gave Ripple (XRP) a new wave of investors, investors that were undecided on whether to invest in ripple (XRP) or not.

That is why if you hold Ripple, you don’t have to worry about the recent price drops hitting the digital currency scene. The fundamentals are in place for Ripple to ultimately become one of the most dominant cryptocurrencies in the world. Hence, it is safe to conclude that no other digital token has managed what Ripple has achieved presently.









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