CEO of Cardano Announces Updates and Release Dates

The CEO of Cardano (ADA) – Charles Hoskinson, recently talked about the updates of the Cardano 1.2 release process; the Cardano CL Test Net and Stake pools and delegation. He spoke about these updates on a live broadcast from Colorado, United States.

The Release Date of Cardano 1.2

Charles Hoskinson said that the Cardano 1.2 will be released officially by next week. The tech community of Cardano will soon round up with their codes for Cardano 1.2 which includes the activation of V1 APIs and the Paper wallets.

The Next Phase of the Release

The development team has worked so hard and tirelessly on correcting technological problems such as security enhancements, network improvements, and performance improvements. The next process is carried out under the release manager that is working with the testing companies “Allied” and “Kubik” firms.

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They carry out the release through a couple of tests such as smoke test, regression testing, and feature test. This process streamlines the update and corrects any bug and imperfections in the system so that when it is released it can work for as many people as possible without deteriorations.

The CEO said: “This is a pretty long release process, there are lots of things that still need to be automated, and they have made some significant improvements. He stated the release of the KEVM (the first Test Net) and he talked about the technical details.

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Bill also said that there will be some specialized announcements later on, during the summer. These announcements will be about the plans of the technical team of Cardano for dealing with Ouroboros Hydra, the Treasury of Cardano, and RENA, which are the major components of the system.

With this latest developments and updates around the digital currency, its adoption could increase in the coming months. This could also play a vital role in the value of the coin and cause the price to skyrocket.

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