The Best of Ethereum and Bitcoin Combined – Qtum Hackathon 

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Qtum Hackathon was developed to isolate and implement the best parts of Ethereum and Bitcoin into a blockchain that is suitable for business environments. The idea is to give cryptocurrency enthusiasts a platform that offers direction and stability combining the Ethereum virtual machine with the Bitcoin improvement protocols.

The Scoop on Qtum Hackathon

Qtum is application platform based on a hybrid blockchain technology. The technology is a combination of Bitcoin core and, proof of stake consensus, and the Ethereum virtual machine. It will allow developers to create decentralized apps and smart contracts while giving them a robust environment to work with.


The applications will connect to the world using off-chain factors used for smart contracts and DApps. The aim is to connect the blockchain to real-world business logic.

For the first time ever, Qtum is going to launch an online hackathon. The hackathon is going to last for three months, and it is open to anyone interested in building on Qtum or for Qtum. Submissions will be made online, and participants will be rewarded accordingly.

During the 2018 Consensus conference, the lead developer and co-founder of Qtum, Jordan Earls appeared during the discussion on device key management which was moderated by Zaki Manian.

During his speech, he talked about the complexities of stacking and storing cryptocurrencies on Qtum especially because the tokens have to remain in a hot wallet for transaction validation to take place securely.

Qtum, SpaceChain, Bodhi, Energo and many other tech companies hosted a meetup in Columbia on the 12th of May. During the meetup, Jordan Earls gave the attendees a brief introduction of the upcoming X86 Qtum virtual machine and the online hackathon. The virtual machine was created to allow programmers to write smart contracts using mainstream programming languages like C++, Go, and Rust. Earls will be taking the lead in the development of the virtual machine which is still in the prototype phase.



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