Viuly Airdrops VIU Tokens To Current Ethereum Users


VIULY team is utilizing Ethereum addresses in order to spread its token. The team recorded the address of every Ethereum token held on November 15. The addresses would be included in the automated airdrop, which would ensure that each Ethereum holder would get 20 VIU tokens for every 1 ETH which they have. The maximum limit to the number of VIU tokens which they can get a 60,000. The total number of VIU tokens which they have to drop is 500 million.

The main aim of the company is to utilize the strategy in order to spread the token’s top reach to the target market with the least possible effort. This would also ensure that they are able to reach a pretty wide market. This would also increase the popularity of the VIU token and the usability of the VIU token.

The VIU token is attached to the VIULY platform. This is a video sharing platform which would also allow transfer of the tokens between the members and the viewers. The token would be used to access premium content on the video sharing platform. Also, the token would be used in order to subscribe to exclusive channels as well. Also, the viewers earn the tokens for viewing any advertisements. Thus, the platform has actually created a native token in order to benefit the viewers as well as the content creators.

Since the distribution system would be decentralized, anybody would be able to share and view the videos. This would ensure that the more advertisements are viewed, the more would be the flow of VIU tokens. Similarly, the more the videos are viewed, the more would be the payments which would be going towards the content creators through the VIU tokens. This would provide a completely decentralized platform which would allow widespread use of the VIU tokens.

The trading of VIU tokens began on November 19. As the demand increases, the value of VIU tokens would also increase. This is due to the fact that the number of tokens is limited. Also due to the widespread reach which the company is planning with the help of releasing the tokens to the Ethereum holders, you can be sure that the token would be pretty widespread at the start. This would indeed allow many people to visit the video sharing platforms and obtain the token.

The problem with the current video sharing websites is that the market is monopolistic in nature. With the help of VIU tokens, the company aims to capture a significant portion of the market share in order to gain more viewership as well. With the presence of a few VIU tokens in their wallets already, users would at least visit the video sharing platform once in order to experience VIULY. The hope is that this would significantly increase the popularity of the video sharing network to compete with YouTube. Also, as creators would be able to get some revenue from their videos, one of the main things which would happen is that more and more content would be created. As the amount of content increases, so would the visitors and therefore the commissions which go to the content creators would also increase as well.

Even though this is a pretty unique idea to not only to distribute the tokens but also to make the video sharing platform much more popular, it remains to be seen whether this technique is actually successful or not. Only time will tell how many viewers or content creators, the video sharing platform is able to attract.

Omer Onder - Social Media Editor
Digital media expert with 5 years journalism experience. A professional member of 'Canadian Journalists for Free Expression (CJFE)'.



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