700 Tokens and 1090 Decentralized Apps Launched On Ethereum Network Last Year, Analyst Says

Blockchain records

Back in 2017, over 700 tokens and 1090 Dapps (decentralized apps) were deployed on the network of Ethereum, according to Finance Magnates. This was reported on the 28th of May 2018.
The Ethereum Network Is Growing Fast
According to a business analyst of Alethio (an Ethereum analytics company) – Christian Crowley, an average of about one hundred thousand new users joins the ecosystem of Ethereum every day. In addition, the Ethereum network processes about one million transactions every day.
Crowley disclosed this information when speaking at the ConsenSys Community Day on the 28th of May that seeks to promote the development of Ethereum in Israel. Cowley also said that there are 29.2 million unique Ethereum addresses at the time of speaking.

The ConsenSys Community Day

The Executive director of ConsenSys (an Ethereum software firm based in New York) – Vanessa Grellet, provided a positive remark on blockchain tech when speaking at the section of the event tagged “blockchain for social impact.” Grellet said that the blockchain technology has the ability to tackle some major issues as helping lots of holocaust survivors that presently live in poverty.

The Global Adoption of Blockchain Technology

The technology is being adopted and used across the globe, with the latest eminent deployments made by De Beers Group (the largest diamond jewelry retailer in the world) and Norfolk Southern Corp (NSC) (a United States transport giant).
Nevertheless, the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Russia questioned the benefits of the applications of the blockchain, saying that the technology is pointless and can’t solve real-life problems. The Deputy Governor added that the blockchain technology is not “mature” enough to be implemented on an industrial scale.
The CAICT (China Academy of Information and Communications Technology) published a report on the 28th of May, saying that only 8 percent of the blockchain projects ever launched is still up and running, with an average lifespan of only fifteen months.

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