Cardano News Today: Cardano Will Wipe out the Competition with More Listings

Cardano has achieved the impossible by sitting on the number seven spot on the list of top digital currencies on CoinMarketCap and in terms of market cap. The small digital currency that packs a punch, has been able to get to that position with only thirty-one listings worldwide. This means Cardano’s ADA can only be gotten in the thirty-one exchanges it’s been listed.

Comparing the 31 Listing With the Listings of the Six Digital Currencies Ahead Of Cardano

Bitcoin is listed in four hundred exchanges. The listed of ADA is 7.75 percent of the listings of Bitcoin (BTC). Ethereum is also listed on four hundred exchanges, and the listing of ADA is 7.75 percent compared to the listing of Ethereum. Ripple is listed in 146 exchanges, and this number is 470 percent greater than that of Cardano (ADA).

Bitcoin Cash is listed in 258 exchanges, and this number is 8.32 times higher than the listings of Cardano (ADA). EOS boasts of 140 listings, and this figure is 4.5 times greater than the listings of Cardano (ADA). Litecoin is listed in four hundred exchanges just like Ethereum and Bitcoin. This number is also about 13 times larger than the listings of Cardano.

The Potential of the ADA to Obliterate the Competition

Based on the stats above, it’s safe to say that if the liquidity of Cardano increases via the additions of listings to more exchanges, it will simply obliterate the rivalry. At the time of writing, market analysis shows that the only digital currency showing some gains in the bearish market is Cardano (ADA).

In the last twenty-four hours, the value of Cardano (ADA) has increased by 3.4 percent, and its current trading value is $0.19. The rest of the digital currencies are in the red, with bitcoin being the leader. The king of digital currency is now trading slightly above the $7k mark and it might decrease further as the weekend approaches.

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