CommerceBlock ICO Launching Today


CommerceBlock is launching an ICO in order to make it easier for companies as well as individuals to access the smart contact capability on its platform and to use the ecosystem which has been created by it. The ecosystem is entirely open source and can be developed as well. The idea is that as more and more services get added to the ecosystem, the value of the currency would also increase.

Currently, the ICO is planned to be held on November 28. The total cap of the ICO is around $25 million.

Around 40% of the total tokens would be distributed in the ICO. Rest of the tokens would be kept for advisors as well as the team. Also, 30% tokens are available for other vendors who are involved with the development of the platform.

The unique thing about this company is that it already has a couple of clients. This ensures that they would be able to scale up their business quite quickly. Also, the software is slated to launch in April 2018. Thus, the software platform is already in development, and would be able to gain traction pretty soon.

The main aim of the companies to provide a trusted platform for various companies as well as enterprises in order to use the smart contact platform. Moreover, smart contracts are slated to be the future when it comes to the applications of blockchain technology. Therefore, since a ready-made solution is provided to the companies, they would prefer this platform as compared to creating an ecosystem on their own in order to use these smart contracts. This is one of the main appeals of this particular platform.

The price of each token in the ICO is $0.0624. However, it remains to be seen that when the trading resumes in the secondary market, what would be the value which they would fetch. Since they are backed by a strong application, there are chances that the token would appreciate. This is one of the main reasons why there is a lot of interest in the tokens.

Therefore, this is one of the more interesting ICOs being launched this month. While CommerceBlock has had a good track record thus far, it remains to be seen what the traction which the platform of the company garners and thereafter only the true value of the token can be evaluated.

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Mahesh Sashital is cofounder of Smartereum.

He was previously Vice President at J.P. Morgan. He has over 15 years of experience in software engineering at various Fortune 20 companies. He has a Bachelor's in Engineering from the University of Mumbai and an MBA from the University of Texas-Austin.


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