BCH is the Real Bitcoin: Rory MacDonald Shows Support for Bitcoin Cash 

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Rory MacDonald, top MMA champion and well known cryptocurrency fan has announced his connection to Bitcoin Cash. During the weekend, Rory, shared a video on Twitter with himself wearing a Bitcoin Cash t-shirt while he punched a water bag.

Ever since his coach introduced him to cryptocurrencies, MacDonald has been a true follower of the cryptoverse. He currently has a partnership with Dash and believes that cryptocurrencies give people opportunities to improve their lives in addition to what they already do.

MacDonald Supports Bitcoin Cash

McDonald announced that he supports Bitcoin Cash and this has propelled speculations in the cryptoverse. Some people believe that he is just trying to join the Bitcoin Cash family because his partnership with dash is coming to an end. Some others believe that he is just showing his true affection for Bitcoin Cash.

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MacDonald said that he purchased the Bitcoin Cash t-shirt using Bitcoin Cash and said that BCH is Bitcoin. He isn’t just an MMA cryptocurrency advocate but is also one of the best MMA fighters in the world. He has acknowledged that he would be happy if the UFC accepts cryptocurrencies.

John Fitch, a UFC Welterweight contender has also been an advocate of making the league accept cryptocurrency payments.

Over the years, the benefit of cryptocurrencies have been applied in many aspects of life and it can also be applied in sports. Many sport teams and known players are starting to join the cryptocurrency trend.

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The first football club to enter into the cryptocurrency world is Arsenal. Arsenal entered into partnership with CashBet, a cryptocurrency gambling platform. Many others have followed the lead in integrating cryptocurrency in the world of sports.

CoinGeek announced its support for Ayr, a Scottish football club in April. They offered to sponsor jerseys as part of the promotion of the blockchain technology.

With time, more partnerships will emerge and there would be a massive adoption of cryptocurrencies in the world of sports.



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