An Amazon Blockchain Does Not Look Imminent

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Anyone waiting for an Amazon blockchain or any other blockchain tools will have to wait. Amazon Web Services (AWS) CEO Andy Jassy stated at the AWS re:Invent conference that the absence of blockchain technology was deliberate. According to the CEO, the company does not want to focus on a technology which is surrounded by so much hype. While many of the other companies are jumping the blockchain bandwagon but Amazon Web Services is planning to stay away from the blockchain technology for the time being. Other than this Jassy announced over 20 new features related to AWS. Moreover, there were plenty of mentions of the Internet of Things (IoT) as well as machine learning.

The CEO revealed that the absence of blockchain from his keynote address was actually deliberate, and not a mistake as the company planned to focus on other technologies rather than blockchain. He stated that a lot of their customers were trying to integrate blockchain with the AWS platform. He also stated that they were monitoring things closely in order to look at these developments. Also, he was of the opinion that these applications are pretty wide and niche for them to initiate. That is why currently they are just following the adoption of technology as well as the integration of technology with their platform rather than initiating the integration or developing the platform based on the blockchain technology.

According to the CEO, the current issues which are being solved or attempted to being solved with the help of blockchain can be solved with the help of other available technologies as well. That is why using blockchain is not a necessity. However, it remains to be seen whether this prediction by the CEO actually proves to be true or not. For the time being, the use of blockchain technology has been increasing rapidly.

The number of companies which are planning to use the blockchain technology is increasing each and every day. As newer applications based on blockchain technology are built, even more number of businesses are being attracted towards the technology. In such a case, AWS would be hard pressed to stay away from the blockchain technology for a long period of time. It also runs the risk of missing the bus when it comes to blockchain. As long as, they are able to keep a watch on it, they would be able to jump on the bandwagon just in time.

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