Bitcoin Firm Blockchain Hits 25 Million Digital Currency Wallets

Blockchain records

It can be very confusing for people that are new to the digital currency space to learn that one of the oldest firms of bitcoin is named Blockchain (it was launched back in 2011), and the decentralized ledger technology (DLT) on which bitcoin was designed, back in 2018, is also called “blockchain.”

Bitcoin Company Blockchain

However, Blockchain – the firm, which is the number one provider of free wallet software in the world for storing digital currency, hit a momentous milestone this week: which is 25,000,000 customer wallets. For the uninitiated: if you have digital currencies, you must store the access keys to your digital currencies in a digital wallet, if you want to be extra cautious, you can use a hardware wallet or practice “cold storage.”

These days, the average American that wants isn’t drenched in the understanding of digital currencies, but wants to invest in bitcoin, is likely to go to Coinbase – the number one mainstream website in the US for buy digital currencies.

Blockchain Wants to Start Trading in the U.S.

Until this year, Blockchain and Coinbase weren’t actually rivals. Blockchain (whose HQ is located in the UK) has offered Bitcoin buying services in the UK for long, but not in the US, where about 40 percent of its users are based. This year, the company has started rolling out the option to start trading bitcoin in the US.

The 25 million wallets of Blockchain are two times the size of the user base of Coinbase. A Blockchain spokesman said that the company has experienced extraordinary growth in the past couple of months. He said the firm has raised about $70 million in funding to date.

The CEO of Blockchain – Peter Smith said that everyone should have some reasonable yet small allocation of digital currency. He said you should purchase digital currency in an amount you are comfortable with, and you should sell it when you start thinking about it every day.

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